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Our Service

Creating the finest in bespoke interiors. 

At Lucas we believe in creating truly bespoke spaces which have an identity as unique as those occupying them.


Taking a coachbuilder’s approach, we craft beautifully original spaces which realise our clients most ambitious visions without compromise.


In short … a space which inspires greatness.



Every great creation begins with an idea - the genesis of your new design. 

We will begin by digging deep to gain an intricate understanding of your needs, desires and values. 

We will then manifest this in a bespoke design which fits you like a glove.



At this stage we will further develop the design in great detail, agree material choices and explore options to build even greater value for you. 

With this meticulous degree of planning in place, we are then ready to bring your newly imagined creation into reality. 



Finally, we will deploy our industry leading team to deliver the project to exacting standards of quality, within the specified budgets and timeframe.

Your vision just became a reality.

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